LED Facial Services NEW at Sea Spa

Soon you will be able to experience the amazing healing power of LED light with your facials.

- Pain free treatment
- No irritation or downtime
- Great treatment for all skin types and ages
- Helps to firm sagging skin
- Improves healthy skin glow
- Fights acne prone skin
- Decreases pore sizes
- Evens skin tone
- Supports skin immune response
- Improvement of skin condition
- Decreases fine lines and wrinkles
- Brightens skin

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Sea Spa Steilacoom

In her 25 years of experience, the owner of Sea Spa has seen many missed opportunities by spas to maximize the luxury and results for the spa goers. Sea Spa is her opportunity to show guests a new level of spa experience.


Sea Spa harnesses the healing powers of the sea by using both the age old and latest marine technologies in skin and body care. With its beautiful water view, Sea Spa will rejuvenate you on all levels. Not only does the marine life hold many medicinal properties, but also the air, due to the negative ions that are created by the crashing waves, holds many healing benefits.

More Results More Rejuvenation

Aveda Spa Products
Head Massage

Mind  & Muscle Melt or...

"The Melt"
A Massage Alternative!

"It might even be, dare I say it, better than a massage!"

This body treatment will meet all the same needs that a relaxation massage does and possibly more.  Relaxing your mind and soothing your muscles.  Arnica oil with it’s amazing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect is applied on the entire body.  Heat is used to induce further relaxation and deepen the absorption of the medicinal herbal properties.  By focusing on areas of the body that have a profound effect on the entire body we are able to achieve a deeper relaxation. An intensive scalp and foot massage is performed with aromatherapy oil treating your entire being. 

60 min Melt $120


 Chiropractic Care
Dr. Ivan Sanchez D.C. with
Back 2 Life Chiropractic & Hypnosis Therapy
Thur 10am-2pm, Fri 4-7pm
Saturdays 10am-5pm
Currently Accepts:
Regence Insurance, Labor and Industries
Tricare West Healthcare Alliance
Future: Kaiser & Aetna


Infrared Sauna
with any 60 min or longer service is complimentary!
Mention this add at check out.
We'll help keep your immune system working at it's best.
By temporarily raising body temperature, the sauna may help cleanse the body of invasive bacteria, viruses and toxins.

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Now Here!
Want the amazing beauty results of the HydraFacial but the relaxation of our other Sea Spa facials?  Just ask for the the Deluxe HydraFacial for the results and relaxation.