Salon Spa in Steilacoom, WA

Monthly Loyalty Members

How it Works

  • You receive 30% discount on massage and facials and 15%  discount on nails for any one or combination of services of your choice that you would like to receive monthly.

  • We take a credit or debit card number and automatically charge you for those services at the first of the month.

  • Services roll into other months and may be used at the same time. (For instance you do not receive your service one month and you’d like to come in the following month and redeem two months of services at the same time. You may choose to come in together with a friend or family or receive 2 services for yourself.)

  • You may cancel at any time. But we do NOT REFUND for past membership charges.  Credit may be transferred.

  • Price does not include gratuity nor can membership credit be used torwards tip, products, or hair services.


  • Your monthly services may be used within a family. (For instance a couple wishes to trade every other month a massage. One month one gets a massage the next month the other receives it.)

  • Your service may be exchanged for another. (For instance your monthly service is for a $79 Swedish massage and you decide one month you’d rather receive a facial. You’d have $79 credit towards the service of your choice.)


It’s based off the service or combination of services you choose for monthly visits. (For instance it could be a massage or a massage and facial or a brow wax and tint. It will be 15% off the regular price.

If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment please give us a 24 hour notice. All no show appointments will be charged full price for reserving that appointment time for you.