If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment please give us a 24 hour notice. All no show appointments will be charged full price for reserving that appointment time for you.

Massage & Body

Workers Comp and Personal Injury

Now accepting Labor and Industries/Workers Comp as well as Personal Injury Insurance for massage therapy.

Swedish Massage

For those looking for:

  • General overall relaxation

  • Fluid smooth flowing strokes

  • Light to medium pressure

60 Minute $87 | Book Now
90 Minute $119 | Book Now   

Deep Tissue Massage

For those looking for:

  • Medium to deep pressure

  • To work out knots and tight muscles

  • Concentrated muscle work in one area

60 Minute $99 | Book Now
90 Minute $137 | Book Now

Topical Aspirin Body Treat

Deep tissue massage performed with an elixir containing an exceptionally high and therapeutic concentration of infused arnica and essential oils to treat sore muscles and instantly take the pain away.

60 Minute $105
90 Minute $140

Pre Natal Massage

For those who:

  • Are 3 months or more pregnant

  • Wanting general relaxation

  • Have achy muscles and joints

60 Minute $99 | Book Now
90 Minutes $137 | Book Now

Hot Stone Arnica Therapy

Sea Spa takes hot stone massage to a new level by incorporating the use of their signature muscle therapy oil which contains high concentrations of arnica and essential oils to provide immediate relief of sore muscles.

For those looking for:

  • Deep muscle therapy without the deep tissue work.

  • Great for those who seem to always cold.

60 Minute $118 | Book Now
90 Minute $154 | Book Now

Puget Sound Duo

For you and that special someone- discover a unique massage experience. Enjoy our beautiful Sound view while you sit together in our deluxe massage chairs. We begin with an aromatherapy footscrub. Luxuriate with our whirlpool soak while we massage your feet and lower legs. Relish in an ultra moisturizing paraffin mask as we perform an extensive neck and shoulder massage. We finish off this amazing experience with a hand massage.

60 Minute $195 per couple

Mini Massage

For those looking for:

  • Focused massage in just one area

  • To add to their facial or nail spa experience

  • Introduction to massage

  • A quick fix

30 Minute $59 | Book Now

A Treat for Your Feet

Specifically targeted massage for your feet and lower legs.  A massage incorporating our signature arnica and essential oil therapy elixir to sooth and detoxify your feet and legs.

30 Minute $59 | Book Now

Seaweed Renewal Wrap

This intensely active, effervescent, thermal mud will soothe sore muscles while toxins are drawn from deep within. This treatment leaves the body detoxified, re- mineralized and fully oxygenated. Awake from relaxation to a refreshing shower and an application of rich body cream, which leaves the surface of the body as beautifully transformed as the inside.

For those who are:

  • Range of Motion Issues, Tendonitis, Sick or Partying Events, Muscle Aches

  • Deep Tissue Detoxifying & Re-mineralizing

  • Overall Sense of Well-Being

60 Minute $125 | Book Now

Sea Scrub and Skin Treat

A thorough body exfoliation is a wonderful way to renew the skin. Exfoliating helps the skin absorb nutrients more efficiently and creates a smooth, glowing appearance. After the skin is deeply cleansed and revitalized with marine salt crystals and algae oils, a final application of quenching moisturizers will leave your body radiant and tingling with renewed life.

45 Minute $75 | Book Now

*Oil without algae or nut oils is available for those with allergies.


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