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8 Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Use

Infrared saunas, a type of sauna that uses infrared heat rather than traditional steam, have gained popularity in recent years. Infrared saunas work differently than traditional steam saunas. They use the wavelength of the visible and non-visible light spectrum of sunlight to heat the body normally. Instead of heating the air within the enclosure, infrared saunas heat the body directly. The result is deeper tissue penetration, which promotes a variety of health benefits. Let’s talk more about the health benefits of infrared sauna use.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

The gentle heat of infrared saunas has a profound impact on reducing stress. It helps balance cortisol, your body’s stress hormone, and helps the body to relax.

Improved Sleep Quality

Regular use of infrared saunas has been linked to improved sleep quality. The relaxation induced by the sauna's heat can help alleviate insomnia and promote a more restful night's sleep.

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

The heat generated by infrared saunas penetrates deep into the muscles and joints, providing relief from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and muscle soreness. This therapeutic warmth enhances circulation, reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

Enhanced Circulation

Infrared sauna sessions stimulate blood flow, improving circulation throughout the body. This increased circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells more efficiently, promoting cardiovascular health and overall vitality.

Cardiovascular Health

The use of infrared saunas has also been shown to improve cardiovascular. This gets scientific, but essentially several weeks of infrared sauna use has been shown to improve the dilation of the brachial artery, which is associated with an increase in exercise tolerance. Read more about this in this article from the National Library of Medicine.

Skin Health and Rejuvenation

The heat from infrared saunas promotes increased blood flow to the skin, leading to a healthy, radiant complexion. Additionally, sweating helps unclog pores and expel impurities, contributing to clearer and more vibrant skin.

Immune System Support

The heat generated by infrared saunas triggers a beneficial response from the immune system and stimulates energy at a cellular level. This then increases the body's production of white blood cells, which are your immune system’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting off infection. This heightened immune activity can enhance the body's ability to fight off infections and illnesses, contributing to overall immune system support.

Pain Management for Chronic Conditions

Individuals suffering from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis often find relief in infrared saunas. The heat helps soothe pain and discomfort and provides a non-invasive and drug-free option for managing some chronic conditions.

The use of infrared saunas is not merely a luxury; it's a holistic approach to your health and well-being. From stress reduction to pain management and immune system support, the benefits of incorporating regular infrared sauna sessions into your wellness routine are remarkable. If you’re ready to give this a try, call us today!

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